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Full Version: Gant Sl6000 Startup Screen
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I've been really digging the Gant icons on my SL6000, it makes it look very slick. wink.gif I was just wondering how to replace the startup guy with one of my own photos, I've tried overwriting /home/QtPalmtop/pics/Startup_screen.bmp with my own image, as well as in the the same image in the pics144 folder, but I still get the little guy on reboot. He's just a little creepy is all, but I love the icons!


Hey, rollfaster!

Although I have a 5500, I would expect the proces to be similar.
Take your pic, make sure it is oriented to 90 deg clockwise and saved as "Startup_screen.bmp".
Copy and overwrite the /home/QtPalmtop/pics/Startup_screen.bmp.
That should be it.

If I'm off, someone please correct me. smile.gif

don't rotate pic. Its fine the way it is. just orientate the head on top and the feet on the bottom. well, you got the rest

one last thing. resolution is 480x640 and file is bmp.
Thanks Cresho!
Thanks for the correction, Cresho!
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