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Full Version: Pdaxrom Sl-5500
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I have search and read a few posts about pdaxrom being developed for the sl-5500 and was wondering when it will be availible. Im have been looking to be a pda and the sl-5500 is finally in my price range and it has everything i need but i would like to run pdaxrom on it. Sorry if this has been posted already.
40 views and 6 days later. I guess i better not buy one? Whats the cheapest pda that you can run pdaxrom on? I dont have a whole lot of money to spend.
pdaxrom is not the only solution to have X on a Zaurus.

OpenZaurus/gpe is also running X only.
You can also use
(perhaps x/qt also works on the 5500 ..I don't know)

I guess the cheapest would be to find a slc-700, but it has only 32 megs of ram. A 760-860 is perhaps the best solution.
I guess i should look around at alternate rom. The main reason i wanted pdaxrom was becuase it seems to be highly recommended by everyone. Plus I really want to run fvwm on it and all the screen shots i have seen with fvwm as the window manager are from pdaxrom. I think im going to buy it anywas its almost brand new and comes with 128meg SD, 64meg CF, and a linksys wireless CF card for $180 shipped.
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