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Full Version: Need To Remove Files From Documents Tab
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I have an sl5500 using Sharp's Rom 2.38.

Every time I use the File Manager to open a text file and look at it, the file gets added to my documents tab. Is there any way to remove it from the tab without totally erasing the file?

To be more specific, I often go into the File Manager to look at logs and files as it's convenient. But every time I view, for example, qpe-pppd-log, for example, it adds another copy with an identical name to the Documents tab. This is a nightmare in file management. Help!!!

I was privately told by another member using the Sharp ROM that multiple instances of the same file in the documents tab is something we just have to live with, but I've figured out that isn't at all true.

For those who haven't noticed, if you press and hold down on the name of the application below the application icon, you will get a Documents tab dialog where you can change some of the attributes of the file.

However, whatever you do, do NOT use this tab to attempt to eliminate duplicate entries. You run the risk of eliminating all copies of the file itself.

You can use the file manager or the
console to locate the corresponding desktop entries and erase them by either cutting or deleting them in the Sharp file manager. From a terminal window, just us the rm command to remove the additional desktop entry(ies). This way, you can eliminate the extra Documents tab entries without affecting the file itself.

If you can't find the desktop entry(ies), from the console enter:

find / -name *.desktop | more

In the file manager, if you have no console, look through the Documents folders.

One more caveat. If you use either the console or the file manager to move or rename a file, Qtopia and many applications will not be able to find the file unless you edit the .desktop entry to reflect the correct path to the file. This also can happen if you delete the wrong desktop entry.

So, remember, after deleting duplicate Documents tab entries or moving a file, if you can't get a file to open up, one thing to check is whether the desktop entry shows the correct path to the file, and correct the path if it is wrong.

I know I've gotten overly simplistic, but wanted to make this clear for newbies as well as old-timers.

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