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Full Version: Java Development Setup On Desktop
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I'm trying to get set up to write java apps for my SL-5500 and I've found plenty of tutorials on java development, but none that say what exactly I need to download and install (what version of JDK, a zaurus emulator? What's JPEE?)

Any more information out there?
Just guessing, you're using Sharp-ROM?

If so, use Jeode, Blackdown or Sun's J2ME on your Zaurus.
For development on your desktop you could use Netbeans
I wrote some for my SL5600. What worked for me was to use the standard JVM that came on the Sharp ROM on the Zarurus.

For my workstations, I used Netbeans. For Z apps, I limited the screens to only use AWT (not swing). The J2SE SDK v 1.4 worked for me on the workstation (I didn't have problems copying the class files to the Z and running them as is). One item that I like about Netbeans is their panel design tool for building the UI for my apps.

You need to limit the panel max sizes to fit within the Z's smaller screens. Sharp had some specs on their developer site when it was up and running. I think that you had to take the max size of 320 and then subtract for the menu bar and the task bar at the bottom.

My dev scenario was something like this. I had my Z hooked in to my network and it was running VNC server. I had Samba enabled too.

My workstation was running VNC viewer displaying Z's desktop. I had a Windows explorer session up with the Z's samba shared mounted as a drive. THe workstation had Netbeans running. I could use it to tweak & compile the class files and then used explorer to copy them to the Zaurus. I would swap to VNC and use my workstation's keyboard to run my app on the Zaurus.
Yep, using Sharp 3.10 rom. So I don't really need to install anything special on the desktop or the zaurus if i want to write java programs for the zaurus? I guess that's what was confusing me. Cool, I'll try NetBeans and see what I can do.

Thanks again, all.
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