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Full Version: No-the Sl-6000l On Ebay Right Now Is Not Mine!
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Hey all,

I have had a rash of PM's and Emails from the forums here asking if one of the Zaurus SL-6000L's that is on Ebay right now are mine. I DO NOT HAVE A SL-6000 (of any kind) LISTED ON EBAY RIGHT NOW. THE ONE LISTED IS NOT MINE! The reason I'm posting is that four of you have recognized that the pictures that the Seller is using are the ones I took for the SL-6000L I sold recently. The seller is also using the IDENTICAL title wording that I used in mine. I do NOT have any clue why someone would do that when there are plenty of stock images to select from for free from Ebay (not to mention that my pictures were crappy and supremely amatuerish). However I can say EXPLICITELY that they are not actual pictures of any Z that he is selling.

I'm not sure if there is any major call for alarm or not. The person has over a Thousand Positive Feedback as well as having a 100% Feedback rating, but other than that I know NOTHING of the person nor can I vouch for him in any way.

However, personally I'm concerned that this Seller with an awesome track record has somehow been infected with key sequence logging Virus and someone has stolen his Account access.

The reasons I think this are:

This SHOULD be a SUPER experienced and skilled ebayer, (1080 positive feedback.)

However in his listing he says:
Yet the auction is for a single item only. The only way you could get 2 units and remain within Ebays rules would be to either list the auction with multiple units for sale, or offer a "Lot" of 2 etc. This just doesn't strike me as a top notch seller. It's sloppy at the very least.

He then also says:
Ebays auction rules clearly prohibit/discourage the Seller encouraging any buyer to contact a potential bidder outside of Ebays framework. It further prohibits/discourages posting your actual email address in the listing description. The fact that he wants ppl to contact him via email and not by "Ebay message" is not encouraging. Also it is SO easy to list a "Buy it Now" auction he should have had NO problems clicking on the box and entering an amount. After all he was slick enough to grab photo's and a link or so- it doesn't take much brainpower to do that, yet he wants you to email him so he can then cancel that auction and make another "Buy it Now" auction? Wierd.

He also does not state a shipping policy of any kind. The seller is registered in the UK, yet he advertises on the US ebay site, has a Feedback score of over 1080 but doesn't know that the FIRST question any bidder is going to have is how much and what kind of shipping is going to be used. Doesn't seem quite right.

He has also not stated a return policy. EVERYBODY with a FB score of over 100 posts a return policy for EVERYONE to see because eventually you inevitably get a winning bidder who raises a fuss etc. with ebay because he didn't like the return policy you didn't state. Plus this Seller has gone so far as to open an Ebay STORE. I've never seen an Ebay Store seller who did NOT state a return policy. Still not consistent of what we'd expect of this caliber of a seller.

Then of course is the pictures that he borrowed of mine. NOW PLEASE UNDERSTAND, I don't have a problem with someone borrowing my pictures and using them in his auction- just so long as they state that the pictures are for demonstration purposes only to give the user an idea of what items are included in the auction etc. But not stating that in the auction leaves the bidder to believe that what he is seeing is the actual item he is bidding on.
Plus in my experience I have found that Sellers with this much experience either use professional quality pics that they take themselves, Stock pictures that ebay offers for free, or simply no pictures at all. The pro's are after all, um...the pro's.

Finally I'm curious as to why the Auction states he is in London, UK but he is a registered user in Germany. Maybe there is a logical reason and this is common in Europe, but it still strikes me as kinda funny.

I feel it all adds up to a picture COMPLETELY inconsistent with the data about the seller that we currently have.
I went to all the trouble to make this post simply because I hate the fact that EVERY YEAR around Christmas one of us on this forum (sometimes more) get stung by jerks that try to scam us. I have all too vivid members of the Amazon seller last year that took nearly a dozen of us down the scam alley before we busted him. This MAY be a perfectly innocent posting that was just unskillfully listed. The Seller may simply be a GREAT seller that was in a rush, or just having a bad day! (We've all been there!) Please do NOT go on a witch hunt on this guy just because I am raising a caution flag. However if you are interested in BIDDING I'm writing this for YOU in the hopes that you will practice good "Due Diligence" and double and triple check him out before you bid.
If one of the "old gaurd" crowd around here can vouch for this seller then PLEASE DO so that everyone will know that all is well and he's above the board with this auction!

My hunch is that some poor seller has had a Virus steal his Ebay login info and the criminal involved has hijacked his account. (Ya gotta wonder about a 1 day listing...) I'm betting that he's hoping that the owner of the Account will be distracted and go nowhere near Ebay for the Thanksgiving weekend- (with over a 1000 feedback the Ebay member MUST do this for a living and none of us want to even THINK about jobs during holidays!) So he may be making it a one day listing so that he can be finished and done with it, having run off with the cash in his pocket before the Ebay Member notices anything has happened.

So---If anyone KNOWS this Ebay member or has dealt with him before and knows how to get up with him, do us all a favor and contact him and let him know we are concerned on his behalf!! Likewise if someone who's been a member on the board for more than 90 days can vouch for the integrity of this particular Auction- PLEASE DO. I don't want a legitimate seller to become the victim, but I don't want to start out the Christmas season with Forum members being victims either.

If anyone can dig up anything else productive feel free to add to this. Again thanks to smooth, Xer, and the others who brought this to my attention.

God Bless all and Happy Thanksgiving,


For anyone who is concerned here are the appropriate links:

The Zaurus I Ebayed:
It was a 5 day auction ending this past Tuesday.
Item number: 5831722636

The Zaurus someone else listed using my pictures etc.:
Item number: 8237310479
It is a 1 day auction.

PS I have the worst luck with links, if these don't work for you just goto ebay and use the item numbers to search for the Auctions in question.
Looks like E-Bay caught on and yanked this auction.
Yes indeed. Thanks for those who contributed information to Ebay to get this one shut down, you've done the community a REAL service and helped protect the EXCELLENT reputation of the REAL Ebay Seller who was victimized in this incident. I'm sure there will be more of this stuff as we get closer to Christmas so be careful everyone and post on stuff like this as soon as you see it.

A few moments given to making a post can safegaurd our members from a really ugly experience!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!,


QUOTE(tapjpa @ Nov 26 2005, 12:46 AM)
Looks like E-Bay caught on and yanked this auction.
I asked the seller what the deal was, and his reply was "this is a joke, I'm not selling anything". Which seemed really silly to me. I've seen the eBay ads for the pyramid schemes and they all say "do not bid" or have 1p buy it now prices.

On the other hand, has nayone actually e-mailed that address to see if they can supply 6000's to the UK at $300 each (is that a good price?).

I just did a search for the email address in the description, (before I saw the links at the end of the post). Result: Same scheme, I guess another seller (in Germany, powerseller, 1800 positive feedback, one day listing (eleven hours left), totally inconsistent with everything else he sells - hammocks), and he has listed lots of other technical stuff as well (curiously, listed in the "other baby items" category in addition to "other PDA acessories"). Definitely a scam.

I wonder what happens when the auctions end - if this is a hijacked account, and the hijacker doesn't want the owner to notice anything, he might cancel the auctions before the end, and just use them to get people to write to his email address. Then (almost) nothing is recorded in the eBay system, he can deal with interested people only per email, and they have no way to get their money back, since they know absolutely nothing about him except his email address. The original account owner might not notice anything, since everything happens on a weekend (not one especially special in Germany, though).

I'll notify eBay of those auctions, but what else can you do against those scams? Like filling up his mailbox fast with stuff that doesn't get classified as spam (like LKML - though he might have disabled the spam filter so he doesn't miss any potential buyers)?
QUOTE(pframpton @ Nov 26 2005, 09:15 AM)

Would just like to point out we don't have "thanksgiving" in Europe. If we did it would be called "good riddance day" :-).  Thanksgiving is an american thing to recognise the start of the ethnic cleansing by the low-IQ religious zealots who left Europe to interbreed.


Please do not denigrate the country nor the continent you live in, you only bring embarassment on yourself and them by posting your religious and racial hatred and prejudices for all to see. I have many friends here on these forums from Europe and around the globe and out of respect for them I will refrain from responding in kind if possible. Those friends I speak of bring much respect and dignity to their countries, beliefs, and origins through their forging of international friendships and cooperation here on the OE forums. Just as America is made up of ppl from every national, religious, racial and economic background so are these Forums. Likewise just as America has discovered that our diversity is our strength and encouraged Ethnic and Religious freedom so do we here at these Forums encourage a diversity of opinion concerning the Zaurii/Open Embedded concept. You can find a vast diversity of opinion here and we welcome it all.

These forums were designed so that ppl from every country could come here and openly lend what knowledge they had as well as borrow knowledge from others. In the process of doing so we have built a community. Even greater we have built friendships- friendships that flow freely across international borders. I cannot count the number of times I have seen members of one country go out of their way to personally forward or even hand deliver an item that they could not get sent directly to their country- and this was done for no other reason than to be kind and helpful.

I cannot speak personally for your countrymen and other European but I feel pretty sure that most of them want nothing to do with your celebration of <Ethnic Cleansing> that you speak of. We have been down that road before and if that poison reinfects Europe again and threatens millions of innocents and our allies from across the ocean call us to once again help to free themselves and others of this insidious hatred we will gladly once more come to their aid and rescue and stand by their side.

It is pitiable that you seem to be so offended by a holiday where an entire nation gives thanks for what they have. It is even more pitiful that of all the things that you enjoy as a European that <Ethnic Cleansing> seems to be high on your list. Here in America we have much to be grateful for, and we are VERY GRATEFUL for that which we have! The freedoms you enjoy in your country may not impress you but we remember all too well that we did not always have the freedoms we hold sacred as Americans and we will NEVER fail to remember that fact. Ironically the hatred you have expressed only underscores the importance of our Thanksgiving.

In parting- and it indeed will be a parting- it would seem that you not only took the time to plaster your racial hatred up for all to see, but that you failed to include ANYTHING in the post that furthered this thread! Next time before you post read the forum guidelines and if you cannot add anything to further the thread please keep your hatred to yourself.

His post has made me realize that I have one more thing to be Thankful for. I would like to personally thank all of you that participate on these forums, regardless of Nationality, Race, Creed, or Religious Belief, for you make it a better, richer place where information and friendship is offered freely and gladly recieved. You all have my deepest respect and gratitude- I take these forums for granted all too often they are a treasuretrove of experience and knowledge and I am very thankful that I have the privilidge to be a member.

Whether you are an American or not I wish all my friends here at the Zug and OE forums a...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!,

QUOTE(neuroshock @ Nov 26 2005, 12:29 PM)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!,


neuroshock - thank you for the correct reply.

While I do not celebrate Thanksgiving ( or any other North-American holiday ) - as I am from Europe ( now in Canada ) - I find comments like that of pframpton totally primitive.

This continent (North-America) is about tolerance and respect - and that includes respecting each other's tradition.

I apologize for pframpton - as a fellow European - and I want to express my respect to you - for not paying him back in the same style!
QUOTE(neuroshock @ Nov 26 2005, 06:29 PM)
His post has made me realize that I have one more thing to be Thankful for.  I would like to personally thank all of you that participate on these forums, regardless of Nationality, Race, Creed, or Religious Belief, for you make it a better, -NeuroShock

I concur wholeheartedly, neuroshock. Well done. I am impressed with the general qualities of the Zaurus community - friendly, helpful and generous! The original poster was clearly "flamebaiting" and should be ignored completely and noone should take offense at his/her stupidity.
Due to the content of pframptons' post I have choosen to suspend his account for 48 hrs hopefully this is a one time occurence and wakes him up and makes him think before he posts something that degrading again.


Thanksgiving, I'm not knocking it. Working for an American company it gives me two unofficial days off in the UK smile.gif

I reckon you should find some more things to celebrate.
Searching around for a decent way to import a Z, I stumbled upon this auction at eBay sl-6000
(user: handypak, Item number: 5463861972) wich, again, uses neuroshocks pictures... *sigh*

Anyhow, before coming here and reading up on your " ebay activity" wink.gif I mailed this guy and asked him ... well, see for your self:
I have a little business but i am not a shop and I have (for the moment) the
privilege to buy these items for low cost so that you have the opportunity
to purchase them.
The units are brand new, factory sealed, including all accessories. They
have 1 year international warranty.If you are interested and would like to
purchase I await your order very soon for my best price of only GBP 400 FOR
2 UNITS.Remember that the minimum order is for 2 UNITS.This price includes
the shipping and handling fees. For payment I accept Western Union Money
Transfer or Wire Transfer thru bank account and I will ship you the package
via FedEx priority service in 1 Day, please go to
insert you address at FIND A LOCAL AGENT. You will see there are a lot of
western union agencies near you.
Visit a Western Union office and make payment to my name and address, after
you have made payment the folks from Western Union will give you a MTCN#
(Money Transfer Control Number), please email me this number and
I will check on Western Union’s web page. If everything is fine I will ship
right away with FedEx priority service and email you the tracking number.
After you receive the package you need to email me that everything is okay
so I may pick up the payment.
My payment information is:
Please remember to email me with your shipping address.

>From: wired
>Subject: Zaurus
>Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 17:34:18 +0100 (CET)
>  I saw your auction at ebay for a Sharp Zaurus and wondered if it would be
>possible to get the sl6000 model with /both/ bluetooth and wlan
>Also, I am just curious about your low prices? They are as low as in Japan!
>Also wondered wether it would be possible to order two units right away
>with the "PayPal Buyer Protection" stuff, I think that would be the best!
>Thanks for your time!

(name and addres of seller omitted, but is present in original reply)

... and I must admit, eBay or no, that it seems clean enough? (with out discussing the price, wich is way low)
Has anyone contacted the other sellers with the very much look alike auctions?
Has anyone used Western Union for cash transfer? How do they know, if I want my money back, that the package I was sent was fake? (They dont, obviously...)

Also, I have noticed that the sellers history is indeed very far from tech oriented, one sold mostly wax (LPs) and another sold secondhand clothes, that does make it look fishy, right?
So having gone that far email him telling him you agree to the terms and you would gladly transfer the money once the items are received.
This is clearly a scam to me. Don't waste your time and seems ebay pulled it off. Most Western Union cash transfer is an indication of scam.
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