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Full Version: Switching to OZ from TKRom
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I would like to switch to OZ from the Kompany Rom, for various reason, OPIE apps and such, plus i've been having some troubles in TKRom.... However, when I make the switch will I be able to still use Intellisync for the 3.10 sharp ROM that I've been using with TKR?

I'm assuming I should be able to... does the file sharing utility and everything work just the same? (samba) or will I have to use winscp to securly FTP in and transfer files that way.

I also have a Ambicom WifFi card and 256mb SD.

On another note, can I download the OZ image files to my SD card, copy them to the CF card while on the zaurus and then do the flash? Or do I have to copy them directly from the PC, I think I tried before and ran into a flashing error but once I got a hold of a CF card writer for my PC it flashed fine.

I have been experimenting with OZ, and currently using OZ 3.2. I could not get Intellisync 3.2E to work. I found a post that suggested using Intellisync 1.43E. That does work, syncing with Outlook 2000.

For transfering files, the program that came with the Sharp CD did not work for me. Instead, I use secure FTP with psftp.

By the way, I have been pretty happy after making the switch myself, but it did take some work to get stuff working.
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