Sdptools is able to read the mac address from my motorola phone and confirm that DUN is enabled. Cardctl identifies the card correctly consistent with the usart config file. But the two bluetooth GUIs seem to ignore the card. PPP dialer won't recognize rfcomm 0 device, and and PPP modem won't find DUN. I have tried manually entering the phone MAC address and DUN channel into the relevant file but the modem, if you save the settings, overwrites the file, so that when you reboot right after bluetooth starts you get a complaint about parse line 3 error.

Very frustrating because it is close to working. I'm using RC11 on an c860. Any help gratefully appreciated.

I'm really worried because someone earlier this month was unable to find a solution to this problem.

I'll be checking the board every few hours over the weekend when I'm not on kid watch.

Thanks so much.