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Full Version: Zaurus 860 And 6000 For Sale
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I bought the 860 only five months or so ago brand new, and it's currently running cacko 1.23. In pretty much immaculate condition (it's's treated like a baby). Fitted with a Brando extra-clear screen protector from new.

I bought the 6000 less than two months ago to see whether it was better than the clamshell model (yes and no)... It's in pretty good condition, not quite mint.

Despite what I've discussed in the forums about hardware hackery, neither have been opened or modified in any way - I never got the courage to open them, nor did I ever get the modules I would have needed to do it, so they're still "virgin"!

Both come with all the packaging, cables, CDs etc, and with each I will also throw in a CD of all my zaurus downloads.

I'm selling separately. Will deliver to anywhere reasonably close to Cambridge, London/Lewisham, Amersham or Nottingham (guess where I live or have relatives!).

Included with each:
* original packaging
* original usb sync/network cable
* universal mains adaptor, requires US to UK power adaptor which is also supplied
* original manuals and CDs (the 860 stuff all in Japanese!)
* my large collection of Z related downloads (programs, manuals, ROM images, pictures, movies, archived web pages etc)
* SL-6000 also has a cradle too with additional USB cable

Optional extras, priced/sold separately:
1) pentopia stylus for the 860 (I would prefer to keep, to use with 3100)
2) PDAir case for the 860 (in mint condition, with packaging) - doesn't fit the 3100
3) Proporta hard case and carry bag for the 6000, carry bag still in original wrapper
4) iRiver USB mini-host cable for the 6000 to plug in USB keyboard etc (would prefer to keep and use with 3100)
5) socket/symbol wireless CF lan 802.11b card - works with kismet and wellenreiter.

At the moment I'm testing the market, I'm in no rush, so don't reach for your ebay login!

I forgot all about this thread... I sold the 860 to someone in the UK.. and then trying to modify the 6000 to add bluetooth module I broke it - see hardware mods pages. Sigh. So, at the moment, nothing is for sale.
Hey, you fixed it?
QUOTE(Ferret-Simpson @ Aug 25 2006, 11:21 PM)
Hey, you fixed it?

this is a very old thread!

well, sort of. I acquired a 6000 which had been dropped from quite a height breaking the display but leaving the motherboard intact. it took a few goes to build one good 6000 from the two, and the backlight has gone again, but yes, I have had some luck. I'm still hoping to get the original motherboard fixed, as I've spent far too much on the two and so far all I've achieved is to wish I'd kept the 860 sad.gif
And If you do end up with two motherboards, hook one up to a USB Videocard, Keyboard, and mouse (With a powered hub obviously) and use it as an Environmentally friendly Desktop PC!
well, some good news... my bust 6000 is off being, in theory repaired. the "new" one which turned out to be unreliable has been reliably unreliable, in that it hasn't gotten any worse.

the really good news is that I now have a 3100!

I think a UK zaurus meeting is long overdue.
Time to update your sig then with the nice shiny new bits...

A UK Zaurus meet sounds good. Have these been held before?

QUOTE(alijames @ Nov 21 2006, 10:32 AM)
A UK Zaurus meet sounds good. Have these been held before?

Not as far as I can tell; I did try to see if anyone was going to the linux expo 2006 in London but noone seemed terribly interested. I think we're pretty geographically dispersed and there don't seem to be too many of us. However, I wonder how many people even notice there's a forum for different countries and regions?
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