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Full Version: Pdaxrom Visual Image Builder First Beta
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currently only SL-C7x0/860/7500/6000/xx00 supported

1) Linux PC
2) mkfs.jffs2 command line utility (mtdtools installed)
3) Qt and Qt developer files

1) Download ImageBuilder and unpack.
2) configure it with qmake
3) compile it
4) download and install mtdtools (for mkfs.jffs2 )

How to use:
1) Download full feed for your Z on the local storage
2) run ready ImageBuilder binary (do not remove it from ImageBuilder-0.0.2 directory because there support files)
3) select feed
4) from menu or toolbar open exists config file for you device from configs directory (*.ibf files)
5) select direcory where will output initrd.bin image
6) build it with button build smile.gif
7) customize it in RootImage tab - use button check for chek dependences
8) build it again:)
9) save your custom config with Save

That still beta, so be patience

Supported formats:
jffs2 for akita devices - SL-Cxx00
jffs2 for corgi devices - SL-C7x0/860/7500
jffs2 for tosa devices - SL-6000
tar.gz - targzipped rootfs
tar.bz2 - tarbzipped2 rootfs
nice any way to get a PdaXroM builder with GUI? smile.gif
Truely outstanding ! We may expect pdaXrom/XFCE or pdaXrom/iceWM initrd.bin in a near future I guess ... and the tool really works like a charm.
Excellent!!! (and i have the day off today, too!)

one thing, though.. how do i build and install a kernel (and/or module) for pdaxrom?
I am hoping to build modules for a vga usb cam an old belkin usb ethernet adapter, a bt usb dongle, and maybe compile some other options for fun.
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