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Full Version: Linux And Av 300 400 500...
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there is linux for:
-av300 (the most up to date is linav , not avos)

Qtopia and some comunity developement that is trying to port opie,gentoo...

what is the hardware difference between
-others (av400,av500,av700,gimini...)

is there a chance to port linux to the others devices???
i don't plan to buy one but they have some avantages:
-usb host on the av 500 and av700 => less input problems
-a lot of others advantages (compact, a lot of space, good screen...)
what is the hardware difference between
-others (av400,av500,av700,gimini...)

AV/PMA series are able to record direct from TV... so in a nutshell...

AV300 [40/80GB]
thick & bulky
3.8" screen (i think)

AV400 [20/80/100GB] with CF slot
3.5" lcd for 20gb model, removable battery
3.8" lcd for 80/100gb model, built-in battery

AV500 [30/100GB]
4" widescreen tft lcd, best resolution among archos so far - 480 x 272
usb host + usb2
able to support wider range of languages in the OS
removable battery for all models
longer playback time
can buy additional video cam as add on woot !

AV700 [40/100GB]
7" lcd widescreen
games - sadly need to purchase & download from archos =(
usb host + usb2
able to support wider range of languages in the OS
removable battery for all models

PMA400 [30GB]
3.5" tft lcd
usb host + usb2
added PDA features
removable battery

Gmini series are just basic players... they cannot record.

ma fave is still AV500 laugh.gif
i was asking if someone knows the chips that are inside such as the cpu etc... in order to know if porting linux on them is easy or not

but on the other hand your iinfasis on the interest of porting linux to theses devices...
->the great screens...
->usb host(input and STANDART peripherical)
i say standart because using an usb slave in order to make a conection for send and recive is possible but there are a lot of restrictions such as power... there is a section in the linux kernel that is called usb-gadget that can do this (that must have been used to get the pma400 mass storage compilant but it can also be used to make a serial link,network... between 2 computers or for developement boards) but that seems very complicated...
found some info about the processors

i'll try to find a wiki about all this stuff
mabe in the pxos website(has a wiki but it's hidden(in developement))
So, is it correct that the only Archos with a touchscreen is the PMA400?
QUOTE(mk500 @ Dec 29 2005, 01:37 PM)
So, is it correct that the only Archos with a touchscreen is the PMA400?

Pretty Sure, Check Amazon Tech Specs

The really nice thing about the AV300 series is that:

1) Hard drive is 2.5" and can be easily upgraded to 80 or 100GB (I have done this and it works great).
2) Battery is built-in but easily removable (1 screw) and replacements on EBay have even longer battery life than factory battery. You can even buy an external charger.
3) If you use the Arhos for viewing mostly, you can use VirtualDub to reduce resolution and framerate and get approx 3 to 4 movis per 1 gigabyte. That's upto 320 movies on a 80GB unit.
4) Connects to Zaurus C1000 and C3x00 (any zaurus with USB host) and works flawlessly. No drain on Zaurus becuase Archos is self powered.
5) Excellent plastic case that protects Z completely while able to view (see Ebay). Just watch Joystick when inserting and removing.
Since u have an archos pma400 smile.gif Please view my post "archos pma 430" and answer my questions, thanks, any advice will be apreciated
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