The Kompany sells a highly compressed voice recorder called tkcVox. On my Zaurus SL-C760, the tkcVox application works the first time that it is run when


does not exist. When the "tkcVox.conf" file is created by going into the Preferences dialog box, the default settings for the microphone and headphones become


which does not work on my computer. Setting the microphone and headphones to


works. Setting the mixer to either "/dev/mixer1" or "/dev/mixer" works.

There were also some symbolic links to library files with the extension of *.bak that I had to rename in order to remove the *.bak extension to get rid of some error messages that appeared when I ran


from the terminal. This is the same program, apparently, that runs when you click on its icon in the graphical user interface, but you do not see the error messages when you run the program from the graphical user interface.

I am using the Sharp ROM 1.2 with the v13d kernel from

which I mentioned in another posting.