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Since switching to OZ 3.2 from the tkc rom, i have been unablr to sync with outlook. I have change the security to any checked the addresses on both the z and windows. I have have an active network on my desktop. I can ping from windows. Not sure how to ping from the zaurus. I am using intellisync that came with my zaurus. Any help will be appreciated. Please give as much details as possible.

I'm having the same Problem. I am using OZ 3.2 and Windows XP and Office XP. I need to sync oulook because all my contacts are on there. Help us out. I want to use OZ, I don't want to go back to TKC ROM. I saw the How-to on syncing wirelessly but I don't get it. I don't know how to setup PPP on the Zaurus or Windows. If you guys can give me some help with that it will be good.

Thanks in advance.

The Nutone.
I hven't used OZ in a long time and I never bothered trying to set up syncing, but I'm reasonably proficient with linux and windows XP, so tell me exactly what you're not getting and I'll try to help, realize that most of the directions are commands that need to be entered in a console on the z
> I am using intellisync that came with my zaurus

Good as this is the normal problem. I am running OZ 3.2, WinXP and Outlook XP and have no problems syncing.

Assuming you actually have a decent network connection (apologies if this sounds slightly condescending, it's not supposed to be, just covering the bases as they say) :-
[list]Different IP addresses for WinXP & Z :-)
ifconfig on Z shows that the address is up
ipconfig on WinXP also shows that its address is up
ping 192.168.129.x on both WinXP & Z should return something (where the x is replaced by the appropriate part of the address of the other end)[list]

I don't think you say whether you're using the standard addresses: for the Z and for WinXP. If you're using the really old version of intellisync then you need to do this as the addresses are hardcoded.

If all of that works then I'm not too sure (as it works for me), but I'll try and help if you can provide more info.

i put up a tutorial also for people going from tkc or sharp rom to open zaurus. Of course i am not using openzaurus at the moment but everytime i go back to use it, i find it very easy...i setup up a very simple tutorial on how to synchronize and even your pims from your previous will go to the oz with no problems.

check it out

click on the pda icon and go all the way down.
I'm having the same prob. Check out this site

This may solve it, I havent tried yet.

Good Luck
I am trying to get the syncing working between my XP machine and C860 running Sharp ROM.

I can't seem to ping my XP machine 192.168.0.x from my Z. However, I can ping my Z from the XP Machine. I am connected via USB using TCP/IP advanced.

BTW, is there an English version of the Intellisync for Zaurus that works with C860?

OZ? Stands for what?

Anyways...I recently upgraded my 5500 to the 5600 OS and was delighted with the ability to have choices to sync too...

Do you have mulitple folders in Outlook (i.e. default Outlook Folder and a personal folder open when you are using Outlook? Check to make sure...Intellisync defaults to Outlook Today Folder (i.e. email, contacts, calendar ect.) If you have any information in subfolders or in a *.pst file you need to navigate to the specific location in Outlook...

To do this Intellisync->Sync Options->Address Book->Choose

If you have muliple Outlook profiles with different info click on the Browse button in the corner...It will show both files and you can choose specific locations for all syncs in Outlook, you may also delete the default option and choose a specific folder....

I use this all the time...I set up a shared *.pst folder in Outlook that my wife and I use for all "family" and we both sync to this folder...

Hope this helped...
OZ = openzaurus
I was reading your post above, and i was wondering...does the sharp intellisync software install the usb ndis driver in Win XP? I'm using Windows 2000 here at work, and when I installed the software, no network driver seemed to be installed. We use DHCP here, so there seems to be no chance of creating a new IP for the same networking device.


No, the drivers are installed when you attach your Z for the first time. Plug and play auto detect, point it at the CD and it all works (for me anyway).

The first one is an 'ndis device' (I think), then after that has been installed an 'sl series ethernet' something or other is installed.

Are you using the OpenZaurus ROM? I ask because with the later Sharp ROMs (3.xx), only the first driver is installed unless you set the PC Link to ethernet on the Z settings page (which sounds a bit like what you're saying).

We use DHCP here

That shouldn't stop you from manually specifying the IP address of the SL ethernet adaptor (which is what the Z looks like to the PC - just another ethernet card in the network connections control panel applet)

Yes...i use the OZ (3.3.6). I've installed the intellisync successfully on Win98(and i can sync there with opie)...and all those things you mention are there...the slndis ethernet driver as well as a usb driver...but in my Win2k install none of these things show up. I've tried copying the files from the Win98 machine to the Win2k machine without luck. tongue.gif

Another interesting thing: I'm fortunate enough to have a lab of computers to test this stuff out on...and there is a Win98 machine that I cannot get the driver working on. It's behaving much like the Win2k machine (which is a laptop BTW). I'm wondering if maybe there are some other hardware conflicts or requirements that i'm missing.

I'm hoping to help in this project:
which looks promising.
Thanks for your reply lardman...i'm going to try a few other things to see if i can get this up and running.
Hmm...that was me up there! smile.gif
For anyone looking...the solution can be found here:

It basically entails removing hotplug and installing from the 3.2 feed.
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