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Full Version: How To Make Zeditor Default Text Editor?
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I installed ZEditor 3.2.2. English and find it much better than TextEditor 1.23 lite.

Tapping on text files used to automatically open TextEditor, but now that I've deleted TextEditor, I get the following message when I try to open text files:

"No application is defined for this document. Type is text/plain."

How do I create an association that will cause ZEditor to open as the default text editor when I tap on text files?


go Here
Thanks for the background info on associations.

But I'm still in the dark about how to get text files to associate with ZEditor.

I guess something has to be typed into the console? What that something is, I have no idea....


"The file association information is derived from two places. The file /home/QtPalmtop/etc/mime.types stores the mime types that is used to derive the association information which is then combined with the desktop files stored under /home/QtPalmtop/apps

The information inside mime.types specifies what file extensions are associated with each file type."

QUOTE(bam @ Dec 1 2005, 03:57 AM)
go Here
As long as I'm asking about how to make file associations - how would I associate MS-Word docs with TextMaker instead of Hancomword?


I'm still trying to associate text files with ZEditor.

As far as I can figure out, I go to the directory


and open "zeditor.desktop" with my text editor (in this case ZEditor)

Under "CanFastload=1" I then add:


I do all that, but when I try to save the changed zeditor.desktop I get a write error message that prevents me from saving the changes.

How do I get the Zaurus to accept the changes to the file?

also if you'r using the VGA file manager package you will need to make a symlink from textedit to zeditor to use the "View as Text" option.
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