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Full Version: Pdaxrom Builder
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Jose Ronnick
So I'm working with the rc12 pdaXrom builder, and I've noticed a lot of the remote download sources aren't available anymore for the packages.

So, here's a little script I wrote to help do a 'make get'

It will try to get from the standard sources, but if they fail, it will get from pdaXrom's rc12 src tree, and re-try the 'make get'

It's helpful for me, and I figured it might be of use to someone else who is using the same builder package..

loki pdaXrom-builder # ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 217 Dec  2 12:15
loki pdaXrom-builder # cat
make get 2>/tmp/error.log
cd src
FILE=`tail -n 2 /tmp/error.log | grep Error | sed -e 's/^.*\/\(.*\)\].*$/http:\/\/\/rc12\/src\/\1/g'`
wget $FILE
cd ..
echo "restarting..."
loki pdaXrom-builder #
you can simply update all sources from site with next:

create in Choices directory file pdaXrom.cfg and put there:
BUILDER_HOME="<path to builder, for example: /home/sash/pdaXrom-builder"

than run:


that will check and download source (if sources downloaded once and md5sum is ok, that will skipped - only new sources downloading)
Jose Ronnick
thanks sashz, that works even better.. biggrin.gif
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