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Full Version: Usb Rca Video Out Wanted
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i've wanted to work with a fully mobile system for a while now. I'm having trouble finding one part so far, a USB video out interface, ideally one I can run an X server with QVGA resolution on.

I am looking to pickup up an eyetop eyetop on ebay to use as an inexpensive HUD to start with.

then i'll just have to run whatever i want up all the time in the bar on the bottom.

i'll use a mini 4 port usb hub with a 5v power source to run the usb video out interface and 30 gig hd. once i get the 2.6 kernel up on it and stable i'll add usb wifi and bluetooth support also. for input i'm going to use a twidderler2.

for audio io i have a bluetooth headset i'm going to use with the sco driver, and use flite for verbal audio out, and sphinx2 for voice in, a few modifications to perlbox-voice and it should run with flite instead of festival.

but to start anything i first need a usb video out device with linux 2.4/2.6 drivers.

any other information on others trying similar projects like this please post here, i'd really like to know what other people are trying.
for a start as this is not really pdaxrom specific (x works on other roms) (in the general discussion fourm)

thogh it is harder to obtain a vga device might be better, if you dont mind losing the screen you could even atach it directly to that.

if you do go the usb route then yo will have to find a driver for X that outputs to the usb card, or buy one that shows up as a frame buffer (i belive most on the market only give you a video4linux interface but im not sure)

there is a usb vga adaptor, in fact thier are 3 but only one of them works with usb 1.1

good luck, would love to hear about your project, if it wasent for the price of the HMD's i would have done it by now, in fact i belive i still will at some point. is there a website where your posting info or details so i can contact you as i researched this area fairly intensivly about a year ago.
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