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Thanks to Laze, I am now able to add stuff to

I'have started a mini-site with feeds here:

For now I'm the only one that can add stuff there.

If you want your ipks to be added to there you can mail them to me (, upload them somewhere and tell me where to get them.
Yet another solution is to use something like

Also tell me about the ipks allready somewhere on the web (even in the unstable feed) that you would like to be added there/

Together with your ipks you can provide some notes (txt or html) a screenshot (png)
for instance if you have a ipk foo_1.0_armv5tel.ipk you can provide me a foo.txt, foo.html foo.png, the scripts will automatically creates links to these files.

I can add other stuff than ipks also, I'm open to your suggestions.
this is great news.

QUOTE(ScottYelich @ Dec 15 2005, 05:38 AM)
this is great news.


Excellent... though I've gotten much better at scavenging 3rd party ipks smile.gif

How about scripts and configs? Surely there is some cool nonipkd script stuff floating around?

and maybe a home for pdax how tos? (though development is progressing so fast, that might be kind of a mintenance hassle)
Whatever you want.

Just tell me what you want there.

For instance you can sum up the information in a thread that you found usefull, tell me which ko/pi version is the one that should be uploaded there, maybe write a note about it...

Give question/answers that I can add in a FAQ.

Give me screenshots for ipks that don't have one.
Btw. this is a temporay solution until we get the new site running 100% - but due to my intense work schedule and other people helping with it being busy we decided that Pgas could collect stuff and when we get the site rolling all his great work will be melted into the final site.
I hope that it will be "our" great work and not "my" great work
This is a good thing!
Thank you!

Keep it Up !

That's a really timely solution! Actually many packages in the unstable feed now seem a bit outdated, and from time to time people (including me) just need to compile apps that are not yet available in the feeds or are more updated by themselves. With this space things can work more dynamically and are easier for people to share new cool stuff all in one location. Thanks! smile.gif
mirrored some more packages, added a bit of doc, some more links.

Don't hesitate to point me to ipks, documentation.
correct my english....

Tell me what you would like to know

Suggestions are more than welcome.
some nice sites to be added to the links section ?
They also contain ipkgs

Marcus zaurus page
John's little zaurus page

How about a link to (the pdaXrom section).
I sometimes use it to find older ipkgs, but a lot of them still work.

this thread,post 8 contains gnokii for rc12

This thread, post 10 contains kdepim 2.2.7 for rc12

This thread, post 1 contains tuxcards 1.2 and snotes (and they have been downloaded a lot)

Maybe a debian section ?
- howto set it up (I like your "easier" way)

The howto-compiling section :
- setting up cross-compiling
- setting up semi-native compiling
- how to add libs to link against to the cross-compiler

I'll do asap,

Other ideas of needed docs:

- why and howto format the card(s) with unix file system.
- howto make a swap.
- send me your best tweaks

please don't be shy if someone know howto do these things, send me a short text.
QUOTE(pgas @ Dec 17 2005, 08:41 AM)
I'll do asap,

Other ideas of needed docs:

- why and howto format the card(s) with unix file system.
- howto make a swap.
- send me your best tweaks

please don't be shy if someone know howto do these things, send me a short text.

I wrote a little FAQ about swap, it's on the site.

Zumi smile.gif
Ps.: Thanks for helping the community this much! cool.gif
As far as ipk feed list, I'd suggest putting something so that all the ipks from every feed are stored in a single 'pool' directory. Then the feed lists for each individual zaurus/version etc can be dynamically created from that pool.

 - blah_1.1.3_armv5te.ipk
 - blah_1.2.1_armv6te.ipk
 - blah_1.2.1.src.tbz
 - blah_1.2.1.desc
 - blah_1.2.1.screenshot.png

It means that as far as mirroring goes (And mirroring is VERY important), people can just mirror just the pool directory (and the dynamic feed creation script).

The ipk.conf file may be something like this: -
src apps
src apps

Path= at the end would get around ipk looking in that 'directory' for the Package etc files.

I might write some of this down as its probably a bit confusing above...but you get my gist.

- Bundabrg
I put on the contrib site:
- an updated cross-compile howto
- a howto make an ipk
- more links
- more packages

If you feel that something should be put their, go ahead send me your links, howto

As for your suggestion:
- I personally don't have time to implement a solution like the one your propose.

- Another problem would be to track the Zaurus/rc for which the existing packages have been compiled.

My goal is more like to gather the exsiting information packages in some way.

I think your solution is more ambitious, maybe you should talk with laze about this, so that a good solution could be implemented for the new site.
We have something similar planned for the new site.
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