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Full Version: Erasing Flash Cl4
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Hi I tried following the instructions for a serial install with a CL4

In the monitor program I don't see the option for erasing the flash.

serload seems to no longer be able to respond to the download request from the CL4.

Would someone be able to exaplin the mistake I am making ?


The terminal on a windows machine show the following:

PBL V1.4 20.07.2001
Siemens Switzerland Bootloader V2.5.1 24.03.2003
Running @206Mhz Processor ID 0x6901b118
Press ESC for monitor
Occupied Memory: [0x00004000-0x00008000],[0x01f00014-0x01f6cf8c]
Flash Id 0x00000018 at virt adr 0x04000000 Size 0x01000000
No 32Bit Flash detected 0x30003000
FlashImage Checksum 0x04040014-0x04059e95=0x17e84baf Bootloader Image OK
Fabdata Flash @0x04059e9c Ram @0x01f19e9c FABDATA: C420-CXFZB
MQ200 - Revision ID=2 ...
Initialise PCMCIA Interface... done.
Codec UCB1200 ID:0x1005 Ver.5 Dev.0 Suppl.1 IO 0x00000001
Entering monitor
No PCMCIA Card Attached
NO PCMCIA CARD! -- Use serial IO
Sysinit done
No serial download request
Calling Monitor

Boot from Flash 'f'
Boot from Net 'n'
Power Off 'o'
Erase PSM+Registry'p'
Exit 'q'
Erase Registry 'r'
Soft Reset 's'
Print Fab-String 'w'
I'm not sure, but after I read [1] I think you need a newer bootloader.

1. run a Flash Erase

* connect the pad via serial with a terminal-program
* reset the pad, and press esc. in the terminal, to get to the BL menue
* erase flash (if there is no option for that, you have an old BL. first load the loader_bl file)


I hope it will help!

I agree. I need a new bootloader. The problem I have is that serload used to work and since I uploaded the 2.5.1 bootloader for a 16MB CL4 onto my 32MB sad.gif CL4 the serload utility no longer works.

I was able to install the 2.5.1 bootloader via serload so I don't think the problem is on the PC side.

I would like to get back to the original bootloader. The only way I can imagine doing that is by JTAG (I don't have the material) or finding a way to use Windows CE to install the orignal bootloader.

Does anyone know if there is a Windows CE application which can replace the bootloader ?

QUOTE(mark134 @ Dec 19 2005, 11:36 AM)

I agree. I need a new bootloader. The problem  I have is that serload used to work and since I uploaded the 2.5.1 bootloader for a 16MB CL4 onto my 32MB sad.gif CL4 the serload utility no longer works.

Strange, I have been able to do that with my Swisscom CL4 (16MB flash, 32MB ram) without probs. I can't entirely reconstruct al the down- and upgrades I made though.

from my notes:
- bloader 2.5.1 CL4 to blupdater (, via 'load bootldr' works
- blupdater to simpadCL.rom works, via 'load flash 0'
- simpadCL.rom to bloader 2.5.2 works, via 'serload'
- bloader 2.5.2 to blupdater.img works, via serload
- simpadCL.rom to tsp_hpc2000eng (original CL image as downloaded at some polish site) works
- tsp_hpc2000eng to blupdater.img ( again) works

the first step doesn't make sense to me anymore but I could be mixing up bootloader versions, I've plenty laying around here.. :/

It seems the CL pads have more problems than appearant at first sight, maybe it's worth putting up a list of these at the wiki.

- No PCMCIA (ok, that's the easy part but I overlooked it this at first since there seem to be CL4's with PCMCIA)
- No USB host, so direct USB connections to other hosts only.
- BlueCore chips with UART -or anything else that can be connected to the spare GPIO lines- are hard to find
- no Smartcard support for linux yet
- bootloader issues still to be resolved

In short: the CL4 --given that the bootldr issues can be resolved-- seems to be best suited as:
- generic PIM pad, synced via USB or serial (?)
- portable document reader/sketchpad
- digital photoframe
- IR remote control (I know this is done with some tricks in WinCE but not sure what it'd takes for a linux RC)

more suggestions?

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