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GPSDrive is an early port of an excellent moving-map GPS system. It easily paired with my Socket Bluetooth GPS with little configuration hassle, then proceeded to download maps over WiFi. It was almost too easy :-) A quick push of the "fullscreen" button on the Nokia brings the map into full-screen mode. The software is still pretty beta, but it worked well enough to take me on a 1200mile+ drive last week!

I picked up a suction-cup radar detector mount from Radio Shack, and modified it to allow me to attach my Nokia 770 to my windshield just next to my rearview mirror. The software did a great job of showing me exactly what highway I was on, and I could easily see my turns well in advance. At one point I missed a highway (at 3am in the middle of the desert), and I easily found an alternate turn to get me back on track. This was WAY easier than paper maps.

Nokia 770 Download Link:

Main Linux GPSDrive Home Page:
How did u get constanct WiFi connection while you were on the road?
Well I don't know about mk500, but I have paired my Nokia 770 with a Bluetooth phone for a 30-minute train ride. WiFi's for when you're stationary, but a Bluetooth phone means the web isn't tied to one place anymore.


Edited to add:

But wouldn't you just store the maps for any trip you're taking?
QUOTE(mccake @ Jan 31 2006, 05:34 AM)
How did u get constanct WiFi connection while you were on the road?

I kind of cheated. I used my home wifi before I left. I downloaded a map centered on my home using gpsdrive's download map feature. I then put Gpsdrive in position mode and tapped another location along my route and downloaded another map. I repeated until i had a couple levels of detail for my whole route.
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