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Full Version: Qtopia With Zaurus-x-gcc
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I've been trying to get the Zaurus-X-gcc cross-compiler to work with the Qtopia libs. Has anyone successfully done this?

Zaurus-X-gcc was put together using these instructions:

But, this doesn't seem to be helping me. I'd like to avoid the last resort of removing Zaurus-X-gcc and walking through the myriad of steps in the above link exactly as he does. In particular, what <arc-dir>, <work-dir>, and <src-dir> were used to set up Zaurus-X-gcc?


QUOTE(d.maddock1 @ Dec 22 2005, 05:43 PM)
In particular, what <arc-dir>, <work-dir>, and <src-dir> were used to set up Zaurus-X-gcc?

what are the issues you find?

Here is the path for Zaurus-X-gcc:

<work-dir> = /Developer/Zaurus-X-gcc

with that it calls ./ --srcdir "$srcdir" --workdir "$workdir"

That one in turn does a

./configure --target=arm-linux --prefix=$absworkdir/opt/Embedix/tools


./configure --target=arm-linux --prefix=$absworkdir/opt/Embedix/tools --with-headers=$absworkdir/opt/Embedix/tools/arm-linux/include --with-libs=$absworkdir/opt/Embedix/tools/arm-linux/lib --enable-threads=posix

<arc-dir> is not used in generating the compiler. And <src-dir> is something local while generating the compiler.

I have never compiled any Qt program, so I did not look at the libraries...

One very important thing to remember: gcc does not like if there are space characters in the file path (e.g. $workdir).

Usually I put something like the following in my Makefiles (optimized for Objective-C)
TOOLCHAIN := /Developer/Zaurus-X-gcc/opt/Embedix/tools/arm-linux
SDK := /Developer/Zaurus-X-gcc/SDKs/mySTEP.sdk
MYSTEP := $(SDK)/usr/mySTEP
CC := $(TOOLCHAIN)/bin/gcc
LS := $(TOOLCHAIN)/bin/ld
AS := $(TOOLCHAIN)/bin/as
NM := $(TOOLCHAIN)/bin/nm
STRIP := $(TOOLCHAIN)/bin/strip

# header search paths
-I$(SDK)/usr/ffcall/include \
-I$(SDK)/usr/X11R6/include \
-I$(SDK)/usr/mySTEP/include \
-I$(SDK)/usr/graphics/include \

# standard libraries (incl. search path)
LIBS := $(LIBS) \
-L$(SDK)/usr/mySTEP/lib -lFoundation -lGdo \
-L$(SDK)/usr/ffcall/lib -lavcall \
-lm -ldl -lpthread \

Hope this helps.

-- hns
Thanks, I've got it working.
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