I've got a SL-5500, which is running henteges OZ/Opie 3.5.3/1.2.0 ROM.

As it uses cardfs I find if I try to play mp3s from the SD card on my Zaurus the mp3s skip (lower bit rate files, like audiobooks are fine though). If I have the mp3s on a CF card, all is fine.


I can't then be connected to the net via either Bluetooth or wifi usuing a CF card.

Is there any way around this? is there a way to add a second CF slot perhaps?

any ideas?

Would a CF->USB adapter ->BT/wifi + CF card work?

Do CF -> dual CF slot cards exist? if so would they work?


SL-5500, 512mb SD card, 512mb CF card, CF Socket (Rev F) Bluetooth, socket CF Low Power wifi, henteges 3.5.3/T3