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Full Version: Suggestions For Pdaxrom N00b
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My C860 has faithfully served me for almost two years. During this time I have run Cacko, and have been pleased. But I need something which doesn't cause me hassles with Wellenreiter and Kismet, which I use extensively in my job. Thus I am considering pdaXrom.

After wading through the forums for several days I have a good idea what to use for a WM/DE, as I need something which is as fast as possible while still allowing good usability, and something which doesn't use all the memory in my Z. IceWM and WindowMaker seem a reasonable balance, but I am open to suggestions.

What numbers should I use for flash? Currently Cacko 1.23 is using 32 MB, but that doesn't seem to be enough for pdaXrom. I know that the size will depend on applications. I need (for work purposes) the following:

Wellenreiter (prefer GUI)
Kismet (prefer GUI)
NMAP (prefer GUI)
E-mail client (MUST support SSL SMTP/POP3)
FTP client (preferably one which supports SFTP/SSH---GUI preferred, but not critical)
An FTP daemon
Rsync daemon

I have a 1GB SD card, so I could use that for /home/zaurus (if this is even possible).

I have followed the discussions about KDEPIM/PI with interest. I like this PIM under Cacko, but I cannot live with those slow startup times, especially if there is a network outage when I am not in the office and I need to pull up a phone number in a hurry. Has anyone figured out the issue? Is there another PIM for pdaXrom which is faster (which will also import all my KDE files)?

Is all this possible? Am I better off sticking with Cacko?

Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I have never heard of Wellenreiter working on pdaxrom. I have only ever gotten it working on the default sharp rom that came with my 6000l. Kismet works but I have not gotten a gui to work with it yet.

If you find a way to run Wellenreiter on pdaxrom please post it. I think lots of people would be interested.

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