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Full Version: Themes On Oz-opie
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I know it is possible on the Sharp ROM, and I would like to know if
it is also possible to change/add themes on Opie 1.2 running on OZ 3.5.3.

I've managed to find this information:

but I am unable to locate any 'themes' (or '.themes') directory on my Z. Maybe should I create it manually?
I was interested in this too (though I'm running GPE at the moment).

Give it a go and let us know whether it works.

You might also try asking on irc in #opie to see if any of the dev are about to answer your question.

I'll gladly make some tests, but I have not any Linuxbox running KDE 2.x (or any KDE at all) handy to use as an example.

Can somebody hint me to the correct place on which to create the directories, basing upon a standard KDE 2.x installation?

From the screenies on this page:

it looks like there is some way to use themes, since I can't recall of any transparent menus being by default on Opie.
Sorry, I don't have a Linux machine in front of me at the moment.

You could try downloading one of the themes from one of those theme sites on the web and looking at where it places its files - it looks like they come as tarballs.

Yes, I've already checked inside of them.
Usually there is a file .ktheme
This file is another tarball containing a directory in which the true files are (i.e. the .themerc file and the various pixmaps/wallpapers/sounds files). No sub-directories are created, so no hints on where to try to place the files are provided.
It's just dawned on me that I don't have anything running KDE 2.x either.

I'd poke your head in #opie on IRC or send a question to the opie mailing list.

Ok then. Thank you for the suggestions.
I'll check in there, or give another look around. I'll come with any news I'll get.
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