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Full Version: C750 and WCF12 Problem
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Hi all,
I just got a C750 and I can't seem to get my LinkSys WCF12 to work with it.
When I place the wifi card into the unit, the CF icon does not come on and
the link light on the card stays on forever. My 48MB cf card works fine when
I plug that in. I'v tried altering my wlan-ng.conf file, but no luck sad.gif.
I've even flashed the unit with the latest rom from cacko, but that did not work either.


PS: I've tested the wifi card on the C860, and it works out of the box.
Please help.

I've been flashing the c750 all day with various roms, and the one that go close to working was the OZ 3.3.5 (which kept truning off after I placed it on suspend.

I have a C760 and a WCF12. Everything works fine, if I recall correctly the only thing I had to do was edit the wlan-ng.conf file and reboot (it should only be necessary to restart the PCMCIA services, but still better safe...). Just in case, this is the pertinent line from my wlan-ng.conf:

card "Linksys WCF12 11Mbps 802.11b WLAN Card (Prism 3)"

 version "Linksys", "Wireless CompactFlash Card", "", ""

 manfid 0x028a, 0x0673

 bind "prism2_cs"

I believe the only line missing was the manfid line.

Hope this helps.
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