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Full Version: Email Address Book
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I am using the Cacko Rom but have decided to use the Kompany address book instead of the one that comes with Cacko.

BUT, I am still using the standard email app and when you go to launch the address book to look up and email address it, the email program launches the address book that comes with Cacko.
I have looked in the QTMail.config file to see if it referenced the app to use for an address book and I did not see one (i could have missed it)

So any one have an idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance....
T think this functionality is hard coded - the Sharp QTMail prog uses the Sharp DTM based PIM apps for addresses etc. There is no way to de-link it from Sharp PIM and link it to other third part addressbook.

This is because Sharp email prog also uses the DTM based addresses used in Sharp PIM apps. theKompany addressbook uses XML based addresses (I think).

Kopi addressbook (Ka/Pi) has an exportr feature to DTM, which will export to the Sharp addressbook format and then the QTMail prog can reference addresses from that (kind of a indirect hack).

On the other hand using the Opie Email prog with Ka/Pi works supposedly.
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