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Full Version: How To Start A .jar File From The Command Line?
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I am diving into the Personal Profile world, aided by some docs. But I need some help, because I'm only 1 week old in Java (Personal Java even younger)
The release notes of J2ME Personal Profile for Zaurus

In order to really understand what is inside an .ipk package containing a Java application, I want to launch the file manually using the command line.

I have installed the J2ME Personal Profile for Zaurus Version 1.0, Early Access Release (from sun web site).

In the programmer guide it is mentionned that to launch a .jar file, I should use the following command:
cvm [-Djava.class.path=classpath] className

But my file is a .jar

When running cvm from the directory where my .jar file is, I have tried:
cvm -Djava.class.path=. MyApplication.jar MyApplication

As well as
cvm -Djava.class.path=. -jar MyApplication.jar MyApplication

cvm -jar MyApplication.jar MyApplication

But none will work.

The application is the dictionary babbletower, that I've got working following Meanie's indication and a little reading on his web site (see thread

So can I run a .jar file if I don't have .class file? It's fine on my PC with the command
java -jar MyApplication.jar MyApplication

But not with cvm. What am I missing here? Do I need to create classes to be able to run the .jar file?

Thanks for any help

I haven't used cvm for some time now, but: are you sure that cvm has a -jar command line option? If not, you might try to add the jar to the classpath and pass the main class as argument.
Yes it does: if you type cvm without any option, it will tell you as a help what are the available options.
There is a -jar option.

Do you know what I should write then?
Ok I found out:

cvm -XappName=$0 -Djava.class.path= ./MyApps.jar MyApps

But I have the messages:

SlSharedManager: can't get proc entry
Could not open translation file /home/QtPalmtop//i18n/ja/libs1.qmid

Do you know what it relates to?

Ludo (doing some progresses in java and personal profile!!)
I use the following:
evm -cp jSolun100c.jar jSolun.JSolun

in this case for the JSolun star guide program.
Hi, Bob,

I'm just fighting with Solun (120b) to get it working on my poodle.
(Sorry, I'm a real linux-novice!!)

Have tried your command line, but got only:
"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: JSolun/JSolun"

Any idea what's going wrong there?

I'm running Zynergy Rom and jeode 1.1.7 on my poodle...

$QPEDIR/bin/evm -XappName=$0 -cp /home/QtPalmtop/java/Jago/Jago.jar Go

Take what you need from this.. I don't exactly know what it's saying. It's a bash script to run Jago.jar.
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