Does anyone have a copy of the OpenZaurus rom as a tar.gz file hosted anywhere? I'm in the process of putting together a howto/scripts for setting up a dual-boot environment that will let you boot OpenZaurus off an SD card while leaving the Sharp rom installed in flash (see my previous post on this topic). The problem I'm running into is that in order to extract OZ from the initrd.bin image, it involves loading up the mtdblock and mtdram drivers on a Linux host. Some distributions don't include the modules, resulting in a bit more work (compiling your kernel, setting up the modules, etc).
I'd like to make my howto as simple (and scriptable) as possible. Otherwise, I could go ahead and upload my copy to the board here, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes or anything.
I'm hoping that this will get more people to try out OZ, and thereby increase the potential developer base.