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Full Version: Two Weird Issues
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Recently have developed a couple of anoying problems:

1. Every so often (approx. every week or so) when I try to start KO/Pi I get an error message telling me that is missing. I uninstall and then reinstall the kmicrokdelibs package and everything is OK, at least until the next time that decides to disappear... Any ideas?

SL-C3000 w/ stock ROM, korganizer and kmicrokdelibs both 2.2.3, same problem if on internal flash or SD, same problem with "regular" or Fast Load.

2. Lost my WiFi card so bought another AmbiCom WL1100C, which is what I had before. Works OK to connect, however does NOT want to disconnect. When I tap the globe icon and hit Disconnect, it will not disconnect and gives a message "Network Device Busy" Have tried to reset, suspend, etc. keeps saying Network device busy. After a while system reboots and fails to go through the entire process, gets stuck at the black screen, cursor blinking bottom left, message HDD1 error. I do a factory restore (turn on with OK button pushed) and then restore from my backup, everything back to normal (except I loose a couple of things from HDD3)... Any ideas of what is going wrong and what I should do to avoid this? Or failing that a command to kill whatever is going on or a disconnect command that I can run from console...

wifi problem.

as I understand it (from guesswork), the network start scripts install the kernel modules for wifi, then configure and brings the network up.

conversely, the network down script kills off dhcpcd, de-configured the network, brings down the interface, ejects the CF card usign cardctl, then finally removes the modules from the kernel to essentially disable the device and put it into max power saving.

from what you tell me, you problem matches the condition I have occasionally see on cacko (860) when something goes wrong with bringing down the networking, and it tries to remove the kernel modules prematurely... or I unplug the CF card when the network is up.

try bringing down the network manually:
ifconfig wifi0 down (or wlan0 or whatever)
ps -ef | grep dhcp
kill [pid for dhcp]
cardctl eject

and then seeing if you can use the network disconnect script.

I am only just getting into the "Zen and the art of zaurus wifi", so forgive any errors.

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