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Full Version: Extracting Files From Openoffice Cramfs
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I am having trouble extracting the OpenOffice files from the cramfs file. When I try to use the cp -R command from the mount point, I get error messages about links not being copied, or I get an out of space on destination error. Has anyone here been able to do it?
I forgot that my SD card was formatted as FAT32, so of course symbolic links are not going to work on it. I need something like an ext2 file system or a loop file with an ext2 file system on it.
I spent several hours getting everything unpacked and loaded onto an ext2 loop file, but OpenOffice seemed to run slower unpacked. During this process I learned a few things, like:

* OpenOffice requires just under 10,000 inodes. Not having the appropriate number of inodes results in a device out of space error, which can be puzzling if you have enough space left on the storage device.
* The BusyBox implementation of "cp -a" on the Sharp ROM does not preserve symbolic links. I had to use "tar cvf" instead.
* You need about 350 megabytes of free storage space.
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