I'm having a weird issue using the IO-DATA wlan card. (hostap drivers)
On the cacko rom, when i insert it i get wifi0 & wlan0 recognized with iwconfig but if i try to do iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor or anything to change it i get:
error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
  SET failed on device wlan0: Operation not supported.

(btw, i'm root)
and if i do ifconfig wlan0 up it doesn't complain but when i run ifconfig again wlan0 doesn't show up...

however, if i use the wireless applet in cacko i can connect to my AP and after its initialized i can then do stuff from the command line (put it in mon mode, etc...)

on pdaxrom,
i added the entry into hostap_cs.conf and wlan0 comes up with iwconfig now (however, no wifi0) and i have the same problem with not being able to do anything from the command line =( hence i can't use it..

any help would be appreciated..