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Full Version: Sd Card Problem.
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While installing KDE3.5 onto sd card (1Gb) I got SD card errors (can't write, etc).
Before error, a half of the files was unpacked. I take off card from Z and place it to desktop card reader. On the desktop I can successfully unpack all files.

Now I'm getting errors when installing kdepim.
Anyony has ideas?

(card is formatted with ext3).
Not that it helps, but I toasted a 1gig SandDisk SD a few months back somehow also. Formatted it EXT3 to install applications and after a few writes it no longer would allow me to access it from Zaurus. But if I reformatted in windows it worked fine, and also worked fine in my old Dell Axim. Never figured out what happened but I sold it with the Axim and is still working fine as FAT today.

Also, I've had a 512meg SandDisk SD for the same amount of time with zero issues (and still have it) so maybe was just a 'lower quality' card people speak of sometimes.
Hmmm... Mounting as ext2 solved the problem....
ext3 is just ext2 with a journal to where all data is written temporarily before committing. As the point of a journal is to cope with things like power failure, which shouldn't be an issue on a Zaurus (famous last words!), all you're doing is slowing things down and wearing out the flash memory.
I have LOTS of problems with my 1G MMC. Even with sync enabled (kills speed), if I untar a large file (IE, debian chroot tar), it will error and eventually 'eject' the card (That is, I can't see the mount anymore till I restart).

If people are using SD's without this error (and dare I say, at async), then I might toss this and get another better brand.

A work around, is to run the following in another terminal whilst doing big file operations: -
 while [1]; do sync; sleep 5; done

Just Ctrl-Break out of it when you're done.

- Bundabrg
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