Is there a different feed I should be using besides ?

Because, many of the packages don't work. Here is a partial list

Using Cacko 1.23 light: Opera wouldn't install, and Netfront installed, but segfaulted.

Fortunately these programs work correctly when I reflashed with Cacko full. So much for the nice idea of using light.

But other programs from the feed didn't work:

libSDL, libSDL-mixer, and Doom. Doom segfaulted. I replaced the libSDL and libSDL-mixer with the ipks from zports, and then doom ran, but the display was sideways. Finally, I uninstalled doom-engine.ipk and replaced it with prboom.ipk from zports and all was OK.

There were also some others I tried that failed, but I don't remember at the moment what they were. I'll post back later with details.

Has Cacko stopped supported the C7x0? It seems like I shouldn't have to use other ipks for programs that are in the feed, otherwise what's the point of the feed?