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Full Version: Sl-5500 Post Installation Issues
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This may have been covered before, but I could'nt seem to figure it out from previous posts.

The question is once the device has been successfully flashed, which are the packages that contain the necessary system tools / applications.

The main system is 'barebones', but I am unusre which packages to install first.

can you do "startx"?

maybe install the packagemanager?

you can see the installed packages using
"ipkg status" in the command line
Yes, I can do 'startx' and bring up a window.

My main problem is that I don't have a wireless CF card, so I need to flash off an old FAT16 formatted card that the zaurus likes, then use another CF card which I formatted as ext2 to hold additional packages, ec...

I need to get the networking sorted out so that I can transfer data accross. Then hopefully I do some useful things on it. However, I can't assign an IP address to usb0.

Do I need to install the usbdconfig package to do this ?

Following on from the thread below, I was attempting to install packages from the terminal using the ipkg command.

I installed 'usbdconfig' & 'packagemanager' - however, when I attempted to launch them (after rebooting the system) nothing happens, apart from a 'busy' cursor for 10 seconds or so.....

I've read all the notes / posts I can find, but really can't figure out what is going on here.....

Any suggestions.

hmm, maybe you didn't install the dependancies?
packagemanager requires qt-mt.
usbdconfig is a python application and requires python, the gtk bindings etc...

try to run the application in a console (aterm) to see if you get any error message.

I 'll try to find out what is required to do to set the usb network without the gui.
I see what you mean about the dependencies.

Assuming I can get the usb networking working (I still haven't figured this out yet), has anybody got an idea of the important packages to install to get the GUI configuration working ?

Previous posts do not go into this in any great detail, and it is kind of trial and error, unless you already know what the packages are.

If I can figure this out, I should be able to move /usr onto my CF card.
you need the hotplug package.

here is what usbdconfig does:
it writes something like:

in /etc/hotplug/usbdnet.conf

it removes /etc/hotplug/usbdstorage.conf

it calls
/etc/usbcontrol net

you can install the package on a card using the -d option like
ipkg -d /mnt/card install hotplug...ipk

more info on package

I tried to follow these steps, but can't seem to get the USB Networking sorted out. I can't even ping the Zaurus from my Mac. (I have the OSX drivers installed, and could previously make a SSH connection to the Zaurus running the TKC Rom).

Looking through the package list, it seems that Hotplug is installed with the base system when it is flashed.

I changed the settings in usbdnet.conf, but could'nt locate any file named usbdstorage.conf (there is a file called usbdstorage.agent) - so I launched /etc/usbcontrol net in the background, but this did not allow me to connect or ping the Z.

Therefore, I decided to just try and install USBconfig and see if this would sort it out - I installed Python, and numerous other dependency modules before I was allowed to install usbdconfig to the cf card. However, this still would not work.

When I tried to launch usbconfig from the Terminal, it spits the following errors:

( Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to ISO-8559-1 is not supported.

The error is traced back to:

File "/usr/bin/", line 11, in usbconfig
f=open("/proc/deviceinfo/product", "r")
IOError: [Errno 2] No such fule or directory '/proc/deviceinfo/product'

I'm lost............

Having said that, now that I've managed to get a lot of the additional packages onto my Z, I've got to say that this looks very good - I'm very impressed being able to able to run gVim.

I managed to figure out from the Filelist in the feed where most of the packages I needed are. However, I could'nt find out where the 'less' utility is located. Is it supported, and if so, does anyone know which package it is located in ?

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