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Full Version: Handheld X86 Pc Project
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I was previously working on a ultra-portable PC using a EBX formfactor (size of a CDROM) motherboard, but I got tired of the large size of the board and the fact it didn't support 133MHz the Via C3 800 needed to run at full speed. I think I've mentioned the project before on these forums.

Recieved the new board, pretty cool. 1GHz Via Eden processor, USB 2.0, dual lans, takes a DDR2 SODIMM, Compact Flash type I/II socket, built-in audio, runs off 5Volts (see ). Still waiting on RAM to test it out. I decided on a portrait layout of the previous landscape layout. I borrowed an idea from the Sharp Zaurus, and the gamepad will be mounted above the keyboard and will slide down to reveal the keyboard. Not sure on the gamepad I'll be using.

Next to CD for size comparison:

On top of a tracing of the PSOne screen, ports view:

The new plans:

Tracings of the components for size references in the new portrait layout:

New specs:
1 GHz Via Eden
20GB laptop harddrive
5" PSOne screen, with possibility of being replaced with a 6" VGA or SVGA LCD hooked to the board's controller later on.
Wifi via USB adapter
5200 mAh Li-Ion 9Volt cell, maybe times two.
MAX787 PMW circuit to take down 9Volts to 5Volts
OS: Linux (probably Vida Linux dist.)
very nice, the PCI 104+ aallows for some cool expansion as well.

wasent looking very hard but what were the prices you got for the board and the ps1 screen?

also what sort of power dose it need 5v, 12v?
The board I bought recently for ~$180 shipped off eBay, the PSOne screen I got back in April of last year for about $50 shipped, and they cost about half that now.

The board runs off just 5 Volts, not sure on the Amp draw of it yet.
I have plans to do a handheld PPC based on the EFIKA design. Who needs x86? smile.gif
seems you came across the same developers thing i did (linux devices?) my idea was for a UPS system that was web based and controlled 5v and 12v outputs so i could eliminate all my power supplies (including the one in my PC). sure i could have done that on a 4mhz PIC (including the web page stuff) but i like the idea of free hardware and it gave me the grunt to do other things (like the encryption part of ssh, cant do that quicly on a pic)

on thier page they pulled the TBD entries, i hope they kept them
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