I am using the guyhlem rom and for the most part I really like it. The fonts are amazing and it suspends and resumes correctly. I have noticed a couple of major hang ups with it that I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the issues.

First there are two things that seem to make qtopia crash.

1. Alarms - either when you set them in qpealarmclock or when you set them in qualendar. Both ways seem to wake the 6000L up at the right time, but it does not wake up the 6000L in the qtopia environment it wakes it up in the splash screen and the console. Why does it do this?

2. When you ssh into the 600L from a pc over usbnet qtopia generally crashes and you end up in the splash/console screen. You must reset the zaurus to restart qtopia as far as I can tell.

I think that once a lot of these types of bugs are worked out, that potentially the 6000L could become a really awesome email and web browsing device. If combined with a gps, the 6000L could periodically wake itself up, scan for wireless networks using kismet, note its position using gps, and attempt to log onto one of those networks and check email,voicemail, sync files etc over the network. Then it would set an alarm for itself to wake up again in half an hour to do the same thing, checking the gps data first to see if it was in the same location.