Java displays fonts using virtual fonts. But it seems that Jeode is not fully compatible with the virtual fonts. And Personal Profile neither, is it?

In an application I cannot see the character (gao3 in chinese), it appears as a white empty box. In Tree!Text Qt, I can't see it neither. But in HanComWord, if I set the fonts to Taipei, the character will appear allright.

So it is not necessarily a "locale" problem is it? My locale is set to ja. (and I wonder actually why all my menus are in english despite this setting).

The application allow me to assign actual fonts to the virtual fonts. Thus I assigned the taipei font to all the 5 virtual fonts
* Serif
* Sans-serif
* Monospaced
* Dialog
* DialogInput
But it is still not working.

The application is babbletower, but my post is not particualrly related to it.

So why can't Tree!textQt display the character while HanComWord can?
Have any of you found a way to avoid this font problem?