I just ordered a C3100 from StreamlineCPUs

I wanted to order some of the higher speed compact flash cards, but most of them had this printed on them: W/WA

What does this mean? I have been googling and searching up and down on Lexar'a site for a meaning to this acronym (W/WA) (With WA)?

I purchased slower cards because I didn't understand what this "WA" meant and thought it would be incompatable with my new Zaurus.

Why don't these manufacturer's explain what their acronyms mean?

Thank you for reading this,
BTW, I also searched this forum for W/WA, and found no results.

EDIT: I finally found out what "WA" means. I looked at a package at a local computer store and it says "Write Accelerated".

Does "Write Accelerated" interfere with the Zaurus CF interface in any way?
Thank you, Jon