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Full Version: My 3100 Is Almost Here, I Have Some Questions....
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So excited my 3100 is almost here, and my gf is alreaady comandeering the 860 and installing midnight commander. I think its cleared customs as the EMS tracking says:

Jan 11 23:07 Arrival at inward office of exchange CVT UNITED KINGDOM
Jan 11 23:11 Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner CVT UNITED KINGDOM
Jan 12 9:41 Departure from inward office of exchange CVT UNITED KINGDOM

I figure the next step in the chain is delivery, so i have a few questions:

1. Has anyone got the 3100 cacko/sharp dual booting like the 3000 with pdaxrom off the hdd?

2. Whats the status of openzaurus (3.5.4?) on the 3100 (and kernel 2.6 if its ready at all)?

3. Any good partitioning tips (from the veterans) before i take the plunge and get rid of most of the fat partition - i dont really see the point in keeping it around as i rarely come in contact with windows machines.. are there any other advantages to a nonlinux filesystem on the 3100?

4. How hard is it to brick the 3100, and how easily can i recover it?

5. Hows the bsd, can it dual boot with qtopia or triple boot with pdax/qtopia/opie/gpe on the hdd?

6. The obligatory 'does anyone know anything about UK customs and how was it for you'?

Sorry to ask all these questions, ive been around here long enough to know that most of these questions are already discussed somewhere on oesf. But i haven't posted in ages so i wanted to say something anyways.... also my web host dissapeared last night with all 32 of my hosted domains and lots of the sql backups so i am really busy setting up servers and don't have the time to hunt for answers this week....

thanks in advance for all the useful help :-)
i should know better than to post in the wrong forum... could one of the mod move this to 3x00 forums?
In most cases we had the same questions so you can use search and see my small # of posts about 3100 smile.gif
Mine's here since Friday but I'll get it tommorow. I can't wait!

Oh, and btw, kalispera Tasos!
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