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Full Version: Zmmorpg?
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Now I have my Always-on internet, I want something to use it for. Opera, all good. Kinkatta, Merlin and GAIM. . Not so good. . C'est la vie!
The certain ebay-owned VOIP client has yet to be ported (Closed-source bastards)

my GPRS proxy (o2) seems to block all telnet connections (So no MUDs)

So what I'd like for next Christmas, or my B-day in august. . Is an MMORPG that works with ALL the Zaurii over the net. . That way we can ALL join in the fun, whether it be via Wifi hotspots, Home networking, or GPRS. Hmm. . Need to be low profile, for people who've installed lots of Ipkg's (Whistles and sidles off), or have small userspace (5000d) and has to be very small connection wise (So it'd work fine on a 28k or 33.6k modem) so GPRS and 56k users can work with it.
I once had something on my home PC (Windows XP) that was a basic, sprite-based MMORPG you could tinker with, setup a server, do your own quests on, etc.

Too bad the Zaurus isn't powerful enough to run NWN sad.gif
I ran accross a java based 3d mmorpg. It ran on my pc with java. within a webroswer. I tried the same principle on my handheld....and guess what?

it almost ran. I cannot remember the link.

there are plenty of web-based rpg games playable in a browser.
If someone can fix the key layout and windowsize problem, mangband would be an option:

Cresho the game you might be thinking of is Runscape? I played it on my PC quite a while back. I heard it's not free anymore though.
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