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Full Version: Internal Hdd, Suspend And Pivot_root
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Hi folks, I am assisting ThC at the moment with getting pdaXrom into a stable fashion on the SL-C3000 using a pivot_root initrd.bin which is at the moment exactly the same as the one from the OZ 3.5.3 distribution.

Mostly things function absolutely fine, however, under certain circumstances we notice that the SL-C3000 hdd light stays on when the unit is suspended.

I have spent most of today patching the kernel to expose the slot 1 Vcc register to the pxa27x_power routines and introduced a simple lock on the unit which delays untill Vcc hits 0 (an indication that the slot is suspended or powered down) before allowing the scoop and PXA suspend. The patch also logs messages to show if Vcc was or wasn't 0 to the kernel ring buffer.

I now find that the Vcc ALWAYS hits 0 at this stage on suspend (I am monitoring before the scoop power down) and as such the Slot should be able to be considered as suspended.

Anyone have any knowledge of this being an issue on OZ at any time in the development cycle?? Is it just the hdd led handling routines that need some work or am I missing something else?

Any help would be appreciated,

- Andy
We plan to drop 2.4 kernels for that machine soon in OZ. Under 2.6 LEDs are managed in other way..
OK, ah well I have dropped Linux entirely on my 3000 anyway for now... OpenBSD looks like it's my favoured route at the moment.

Thanks for the response though Hrw
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