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Full Version: OZ 3.3.5 and my 5600
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I have been trying to get OZ onto my 5600 that I got yesterday and have had no end of troubles, starting with following the instructions on the OZ website, which are evidently for the 5500, but didn't brick my 5600 thankfully. I found lots of odd things:

- there seemed to be no downloads for the stable 3.2 OZ release for the 5600, so I grabbed the the 3.3.5 stuff
- somewhere they specifically tell you to rename zImage.blah.blah to zImage, but I think it really should be zImage.bin
- whenever I flash back to the Sharp ROMs (I somehow had the foresight to create that CF and set it aside beforehand), I still have the terminal and other apps that I installed ... it would seem like those should have been wiped

When I did seemingly get the OZ stuff to flash, it rebooted and gave me trillions of messages on the console that looked like they contained "jffs" and "Bad Magic Number" and a hex value or two ... that went on for quite a while until i powered down ...

anyone have any ideas? what am i doing wrong?

The instructions on the OZ site are for the sl-5500

Before you istall, you should know that OZ is not stable on the sl-5600.

Here is how I did it ...

Go to the download section here and download 5600 from the sharp rom section.

Unzip 5600 to your CF card.

Delete initrd.bin and zImage.bin from your CF card.

Go to and download initrd-gcc3.bin and zImage.bin to your CF card.

rename initrd-gcc3.bin to initrd.bin

Insert your CF into the zaurus and remove the battery cover. Press the reset button below the battery, replace the cover and flip the switch back to normal operation. Make sure your power card is plugged in.

Hold down the OK button and press the cancel button. You should see a menu. Choose update. Then choose CF card.

Wait for it to flash...

Some of those steps may not be needed (like the sharp rom zip file), but thats what I did to make it install.

I'm now using the tkcrom. It is stable, as is the Zynergy5600 rom.
Thanks for the info ... I am still having all of the same problems, but on your recommendation, I switched over to the tkrom ... now I am posting a question over in the Sharp ROMs forum as I couldn't get that to work either ...
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