Hi all,

Most of you have seen this game, probably with a ton of different names. I know it as Bejeweled, sold by PopCap games. I have copys of it on my Pocket PC, all my PC's, and when I had a Palm IIIC, I wore a grid pattern into my touch screen, I played it that much biggrin.gif

Here's what they look like:

Very easy to play, impossible to put down. The idea is you slide jewels horizontally or vertically to create a line of 3 matching jewels. When you get a line, the jewels disappear and the ones above it fall down. You've all played it I imagine.

I really, really want this game for my new Zaurus, but the only one I've found is Mighty Charms - but the one I've found doesn't really work on the 640x480 screen with the tiny, tiny jewels.

So, does anyone know of a suitable clone for the Zaurus? Or is anyone interested in putting one together?