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Full Version: Scam?
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I would not trust this one.
Looks like he got tired of selling fake 6000s. This guy (guys?) has been a nuisance for months.
There are about 4 different ones and they are doing about 4 auctions a day on ebay uk. I have been emailing the sellers each morning for a couple of months now and from the responses I have concluded that there is a piece of spyware reporting people's ebay details.

Reasons for this conclusion are that ebay changed the login cookie to expire every day about two months ago and some of the people I have emailed are obviously very astute people, I had assumed that these people had been replying to spoof emails with their personal details but I am now convinced this is not the case and that the only other way that people's personal details are getting out is via some spyware on the PC that forwards the ebay cookies.

Ebay, in my opinion, are being less than fair about this. Spyware detectors will not detect spyware until they are told what to look for. Ebay is not telling anyone there is spyware doing this so therefore spyware detectors do not pick it up. Ebay are trying to stop it themselves with the cookie thing but it is not working.

Ebay are being what they consider to be fair by refunding peoples charges for these auctions but they will not even entertain listening to you if you are foolish enough to email money to the address in the auction.

Sincerely yours
Par Anoid
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