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Full Version: Jtag: How Long Does Flashing Take?
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I'm trying to reactivate my simpad using a JTAG (DLC5 cable). So far everything works fine except of one thing: Flashing the rom image (a wince 3.0 image, ~25MB) takes about forever.
It is running already the entire night and so far about 25 blocks (128KB each according to the addresses) have been written. With that speed flashing the whole image will take several days. Is that normal?! The modes supported by my parport0 according to procfs are PCSPP,TRISTATE,COMPAT,EPP,ECP,DMA.

What can I do to speed up falshing?

Thank you very much,
Hi Tom!

I think you only have to jtag the bootloader to reactivate your Simpad!
The bldr is small (~140kb) compared to the size of the wince image.

When I had ti jtag my pad it took more than an hour for flashing the bldr via parallel.
So the several days are correct for flashing the whole image biggrin.gif

I don't know if you can speed up your jtag interface, becaus it is running serial althoug it is running on your parallel port.
There are only two pins transferring the data (on for input, one output), the other are used for controlling.

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