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Full Version: Bug in PNPHPBB2
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Okay this is well warped, I'm slowly surfing the normal forums and watching a friend play the new balders gate game and suddenly all the posts are marked as read.. This happened at about 6PM UK time 14th Feb 2004 (time given for reference)

This isn't the only time it's happened, and I'm not the only one it's happened to in reference to this post:

Just thought I'd give you a head's-up Michael smile.gif
I was asking how the board software marks the posts as being read. Obviously you don't have to read them (the devnet only marks a post read if you actually open it - which I like) as even opening the board and not looking at any posts manages to mark the whole lot read. This is a real pain in the arse, and generally when this happens I just give up and come back later and see what else is new.

For example, quite often I come in in the morning and fire up the site to see if there's anything interesting, but alsmost immediately someone comes and asks me for help/coffee/whatever so I close the browser not having looked at any threads, just the board main page. Then when I come back everything is marked as read. I have a feeling there's a time delay though, but it would be nice if the posts were just marked read after you read them rather than after you've had the site open for x number of minutes.

Sorry for the rant, this may be a problem with the software which you're using, but I'm hopeful there's just a setting somewhere which can be changed (probably in my personal settings and I've not found it ;-)).

I know... this is a shitty bug, and I'm looking into it. I don't understand why this software relies on cookies that reside on the client to remember this.

I'm about ready to move to a different forum, but this one is supposedly a good one... please, please, please bear with me while we work thru this. Hopefully I'll find a fix for this soon.

as always, thanks for the feedback (good and bad!)
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