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Full Version: Sl5600 Can't Execute Rc0.d, Rc6.d ?
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I am using the Watapon (1.6.1) ROM, an ext2 SD, a swapfile on same and putting the Python ext2 image.

With minor changes to some of the published scripts I have this working.

When I manually execute the scripts in rc0.d or rc6.d and the rc.5 everything works fine and the ext of the python image and the sd come up clean.

Unfortunately if I execute "shutdown -r now" or the reboot gui app, both ext systems come up not clean.

This matches the problem that I had with using a fat on the SD - eventually I would loose files.

On digging into this, I find that "apparently" the real rc.d is in /home/root/etc. This one is readonly and its own rc0.d and rc6.d that have only one entry "halt" and it is the halt in the /home/root/etc/init.d.

So it is my belief that the /etc/rc.d/rc0.d and rc6.d are not being executed at all when using shutdown or the gui app.

Is there a way around this? I can't figure out a way to really figure out what is executed in a power down (specifically on a Zaurus). I find plenty of docs on the specific startup, but not on shut down.

Does anyone have some clues I can follow?
Well, I found a way to make it work reliably. Not quite happy with it but it may explain the issues I have seen a number of people complain about.

It seems that one of the only ways to get code executed on shutdown or reboot via GUI is to put the code in /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt. Apparently none of the rc0.d or rc6.d stuff is "really" executed by Zaurus (at least on Watapon ROM 1.6.1). But I suspect this is a general Sharp ROM issue.

When I put the umount of the Python image, the swapoff and the umount of the SD card all in the halt - I get a clean remount every time!

And I got one ZERO times with the code in the "proper" places.

So I am going with that for the moment.

When I am confident that this setup works reliably for a month or so, I will post the exact setup on my site. (And a pointer here in the Watapon reference).
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