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Full Version: Mini-sd
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I just wanted to post this little information about using a mini-sd to sd adaptor for the zaurus.

Anybody try it out yet? I am waiting for fry's electronics to have it in stock for me to try out. I been wanting to order a 2gb minisd on sd adaptor for a tryout on the zaurus. Has anybody tried something like this out to bypass the 1gb limitation of the sd? as soon as i gather a hardware sample, i will post my results.
i haven't tried mini sd but rs-mmc-dv works without problem... although i have an only 512M rs-mmc-dv...
My understanding from reading is that miniSD is the exact same thing as SD just in a different form factor. The "adapter" is just a passive device that makes it fit in a larger space and routes the electrical contacs to the right places. So I don't thimg a 2 gig miniSD would work any different than its full size brother.
yep, same thing only smaller
I was hoping to see something like an ata-ide pci card do to the z like it does on the mother board. (If you know what i mean)

the mmc card is another option. Just waiting for the cards to get bigger! mad.gif
i tried a 1G mini-SD w/ adapter, but it failed to recognize the card as if i was using
a > 1G SD card. I updated the SD driver, now my Z can recognize > 1G SD card,
but still cannot recognize the mini-SD w/ adapter, same error message.

the sandisk extreme 2 plus usb is in fact a mini sd with a usb adaptor stuck to it.
i just got the 1GB version which is great. it has a small blue light when used in usb mode but still is very low power so I can use it in my OQO which chockes on many usb memory sticks because they were too power hungry.
I will be getting the 2GB version when it is available. cutrrently have it backordered and should arrive in 2 weeks...
The miniSD->SD adapter is actually a piece of plastic at the end to make it longer. It contains no electric parts at all. smile.gif
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