hey all,
i've been searching like hell all over the internet and am posting a question here as a last resort. i have a zaurus sl5500 under OZ 3.5.2 with opie and I am trying to get my Belkin F8U1500 working. I've got lirc installed and working great with opie-remote.

After having some serious problems installing the irk-belkin package (cannot find package irk-belkin) I simply put the package files in the proper places from data.tar. This might be the problem, but I don't know. Either way, when I use the IRK input method for belkin, configured correctly for my zaurus/kb, nothing works. I can't find a way to view output from the program to see if it is working correctly, and I have NO output from lircd -n (send output to stdout) Anyone have any experience getting this device to work? I am using lircd and irk-belkin from the oz.pdai.org mirror (making sure to download the lirc package for collie). Any help with being able to see error output or ANY way to check if something is working so I can narrow down the problem would be nice.

thanks in advance,