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Full Version: Eap-ttls On Zaurus? How-to?
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Hello all,

My university uses SecureW2 (EAP-TTLS client) to secure the WiFi net. Does anyone have a clue how I can get my Zaurus to work with it? (What software do I need, where to get, how to setup, etc.)

It's probably a silly question, but I'm a total linux noob and I barely understand that kind of networking as it is, so any help would be a appreciated. I'd hate it if I couldn't use my Zaurus to browse at school.
wpa supplicant, should work. it also handels wep keys and joining wifi networks automatically for you, for that you will probelly need hostap and mabey openssl as well
I am interested in success stories as well. Our University is most likely moving to EAP-TTLS as well.
bjornkeizers... please post back if you get it going.
it isnt complicated once you know how to do it wink.gif however it took me alot of reading about wifi and linux in gnereal, the zaurus just compilcates things

what you want/need:
Hostap drivers for you zaurus distro
wpasupplicant manual
the guides on wifi and other stuff as required (they are good trust me)
to learn all the acronyms, there is ALOT

basically wpa supplicant handels auto connection to wifi hotspots, be they wpa eap wpa2 wep open shared, whatever it is a deamon that does the work for you

hostap is recommended for your own good, its known to work and was written by the same people who did wpa supplicant. it also handels everything you need (such as encryption as there is no hardware support for AES in prisim cards, they only help offload wep), wpa uses same stuff as wep but rotates the keys every 5 seconds i belive (dont quate me on that) wpa2-AES uses AES (encryption recomended for general use by the us) to secure your data

basically if you have hostap drivers and wpa supplicant you should get throgh it if you understand enoght acronyms or know what you are trying to do, consult the man page and rember the .conf file is HEVILY documented, keep an eye on those permissions as wep/wpa keys are in cleartext (encrypting thrm from withing the program is pointless even if we didnt have the source code wink.gif ) if you are really concerned you could have a script to interface to gnupg to ecryptdecrypt before each session after you enter a pass but you would have to watch out for suspending your device *and therefore inserting somthing in an apm script to suspend resume it (offline attack)
you probably need:
- kernel with WE18 (2.4.18/2.4.20 can be patched up to WE18 without problems)
- hostap modules
- wpa_supplicant
- prism2 firmware atleast 1.7.4
do one thing on your Zaurus:

root@collie:~# iwlist wlan0 encryption
wlan0     2 key sizes : 40, 104bits
         4 keys available :
               [1]: off
               [2]: off
               [3]: off
               [4]: off
         Current Transmit Key: [1]
         Authentication capabilities :
               CIPHER TKIP
               CIPHER CCMP

if it show WPA then wpa_supplicant should be last needed thing.

PS I have to test WPA one day...
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