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Full Version: Vnc Server Ipk That Works With The C1000?
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I use VNC server AND viewer with success on my SL-5500, but, despite trying just about every available ipk, I can't get the server to work on the C1000. The best I could do was that the screen would pop up on my Windows XP pc but any input either from the pc or zaurus froze up the Zaurus so that nothing could be done on it.

VNC Viewer works fine.

Is there some magic combination of libraries and ipks that has enabled anyone to have a good VNC server on the Zaurus?

I'm using the Cacko 1.23 ROM.

Thanks for any insight. If I get any successful instructions, I'll post them on my web site for all to use. smile.gif
I never got it working in Qt however, it runs great from pocketworkstation. That's how I usually do it.

Tombraider.... did you ever get this working???? I'm in the same boat.....
I finally managed to compile fbvnc after building my own compiler!
now I can start working on remapping the keys...
Thanks Meanie on a side note your website actually inspired me to get some new usb devices for my C1k....
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