I'm wondering if anybody has experimented with x/qt on the tck rom ?

I ask because at one point I managed to get pocketworkstation to work on this ROM via the VNC Server, but this was quite messy in practise (i.e. quitting Qtopia, dropping back to a shell and issuing several commands to get it started) - therefore I wanted to try somthing that I could get in and out of quickly without much hassle.

The X/QT apps installed fine, and will bring up an X-Server.

However, when I click on the Pocketworkstation icon, the screen remains blank. However, if I click on certain points on the screen, portions of the screen become visible, but quickly become obscured - obviously this is not being rendered correctly.

There is a terminal running, so I don't think there is a problem with debian itself - I guess editing the X settings may cure this ....

Has anybody attempted something similar, or has any pointers ?